A collaboration with poet Mandy Ross

Cloak is the start of an experimental collaboration between Geoff Broadway and Mandy Ross exploring the city’s myriad hidden, individual stories. The film featured here – Cloak – has as its soundtrack an original poem by Mandy, exploring multiple fragments of the past that we each carry with us in everyday life. Geoff has created a sequence of images from Birmingham and beyond to connect and resonate with the ideas expressed in Cloak.

Mandy and Geoff worked with residents of Chiswick House sheltered housing, gathering stories about their lives and recording their voices reading the poem. The film features excerpts of their voices.

This is the start of a new creative journey, ‘The City is Full of Voices’. Mandy and Geoff will explore their interest in the lives and stories of local people using creative writing, poetry, storytelling, oral history, photography and filmmaking. They will work collaboratively and intergenerationally with groups and individuals across the city, sharing the creative intersection of words and images in different forms.

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