Dreams and Realities

The Scotlands Estate, Wolverhampton


 Dreams and Realities is collaborative project with the residents of the Scotlands Estate in Wolverhampton. This film was shown as part of the Dreams and Realities event that took place during March 10 2012, an evening celebration featuring outdoor projections of photographs, lights and sounds.

The Scotlands estate was developed as council housing during slum clearance programmes of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The estate has a population around 3000 residents and has a longstanding image of negativity, a high crime rate and multiple indicators of deprivation. 54% of residents do not have a qualification, and 60% of women are economically inactive (with 34% of the men also economically inactive). It has a strong sense of history with generations of families living in the area, with some families occupying one street.

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