Me, You, and Everything Else


An intergenerational project in Castle Vale

Me, You and Everything Else was an intergenerational participatory photographic project based in Castle Vale, Birmingham developed in collaboration with Sally Rew and Brendan Jackson, together with  Castle Vale School, The Sanctuary youth centre and Phoenix Court sheltered housing.

All the participants used the creative potential of photography to reflect, explore and re-imagine life – both past and present – in many different ways. The participants were encouraged to develop and express their own ideas through imagery, and as part of the process learnt how to take the pictures, and the technical practicalities of uploading, editing, printing and online sharing. The younger participants focused upon creative exploration, developing new techniques and ways of telling stories. The older participants focussed upon the family album, choosing a set of images that helped them tell the story of their lives and to share this with others.

The participants came to together at different stages of the project to meet, share and make new images of each other. The final exhibition of photographs was officially opened at Castle Vale Community Housing Association sheltered housing complex – Phoenix Court – on Thursday March 31st. Participants from all the groups attended, along with their guests, parents and friends. The exhibition consists of over 500 photographs shown on 10 digital screens which are mounted on a stainless steel frame.

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