Small Wonder

Small Wonder is a surround sound audio-visual installation based around the reflections of 12 participants who discuss the place of spirituality in their lives. The installation consists of nine resin-glass screens suspended as a grid onto which a sequence of multiple images are projected. Nine speakers with a red light attached are suspended around the space while four larger speakers are located in each corner. The screens are double sided, inviting the audience to move around the installation and explore it from different perspectives.

The 12 participants from the around the Highlands who were influenced by faiths and traditions that include Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Atheism, and Bahai shared their beliefs and ideas around spirituality. From these candid conversations extracts were taken to form the basis of the 26 minute surround-sound track. The visual centre of the installation is the multi-screen projections of evocative, elemental moving images of Inverness and the surrounding Highlands.

Small Wonder was produced during a three-month arts residency in Inverness, Scotland as part of The Other Side of AIR project. The installation was first shown in Old High St Stephen’s Church Hall in Inverness during November 2007. 

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