LifeCycle is a multi-projection audio-visual installation that is based upon the perceptions of a range of people who live and work in the former mining town of Coalville, Leicestershire. A A sequence of moving imagery taken around the town is combined with a surround-sound audio track where people share their thoughts on everyday life, the makings of a strong community, and their aspirations for the future. LifeCycle was commissioned as part of the Transform Project arts program at Snibston Discovery Museum and launched at the Century Theatre within Snibston during May 2011.

Lifecycle was subsequently shown at the Phoenix Square in Leicester in the DMU Cube Gallery for the duration of September 2011. For this installation it was re-edited into a 3-screen version to fit the dimensions of the gallery space.

A screen based version of LifeCycle is now on permanent display within Snibston Discovery Museum.

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