The Interactive Welcome

The Interactive Welcome is a collaborative artwork by Sean Clark and Geoff Broadway for the newly built Penn Fields School in Wolverhampton.

The Interactive Welcome features 3 large lcd screens that are located across the school site that are networked together. Each screen has a video recording device that can be activated by the movements of participants which actives a ‘mirror mode’ – the person in front of the screen sees themselves reflected back on screen. The artwork records their interactions which are then stored by its computer into is archive. When there is no direct interaction the work switches into its ‘dream-mode’ where it blends and plays back recordings from its memory on the screen. The work gradually becomes a changing stream of unique moving and playful portraits of students, staff and visitors who have interacted with the installation.

The work  is based upon an original idea by Sean Clark – see his work here.

The installation can also be configured as a playback platform for short films and animations produced by pupils and staff. These films can be played unmodified in high definition, or combined with the moving portraits to create another layer of complexity and interest. One of the films we made as with the pupils as part of the development of this project can be seen below – a stop-frame animation called ‘Together’ which went on to win an Woscar in the category of Best School Collaboration.

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