It’s Like Love Is…

It’s Like Love Is… is an interactive sound and light installation that explores the theme of love through the words of seven participants. The installation comprises of seven suspended orbs, each housing a hi-fidelity speaker, a blue light source and a proximity sensor that allows for audience interaction. The orbs are made from a special clear resin produced using a unique method developed as part of this project.

The audience are invited to explore elements of these conversations by directly engaging with each orb. As the audience comes into relationship with each orb they begin reveal the words of the participants – the closer they move towards to the orb the clearer the words. Simultaneously the orb’s blue light begins to get brighter as the audience moves closer.

The seven orbs are linked together through a series of audio soundscapes that dynamically move across the space. As these sounds shift around the space they are subtly echoed by each of the orbs blue lights. When there is no audience interacting with the installation it still has a level of activity, randomly choosing to play different sound and light sequence variations.

Developed in collaboration with Bobby Bird.

Images from the exhibition courtesy of David Rowen.

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